What Our Customers Have To Say

Over 95% of our business is from customers referring their friends to us.

That tells us we must be doing something right!

When a customer refers a friend, a family member, or simply someone they know to us, we understand that there is a trust there that was earned, and needs to be lived up to. This isn't about manufacturing efficiencies or cost savings; this is about taking care of reputations and friendships.
The way we go about doing business may seem impractical to most, and too hard for others. For us, this is the only way we know. "Take care", "Go the extra mile", "The customer comes first" may seem like catch-phrases to our competitors, but to us, we embrace these concepts as business values we have to live up to every day, with every project, with every customer.

Testimonials for blinds by design

"Thank you so much for the diligent work you put into our window treatments. The end result is beautiful. The mix of light and shadow, the energy efficiency, and the update to our house has made it a joy to come home to."
"Your Room Redesign service is AMAZING! I had no idea that our living room could be so transformed, just using the very same things we already own! It's like an entirely different room! Thank you!"
"Our customers are more comfortable than ever."
"We really appreciate the interior decorating and color schemes you came up with for our customer waiting area. Our clientele ask every day who performed the work, and we are pleased to share your information with them."
"Thank you."
"Thanks very much for your color consultation. The colors you chose for us are absolutely perfect, and a great update for our home."
"Thanks to you, our home sold at our full asking price."
"Your interior decorating/home staging was absolutely spot on. Thanks to your efforts, our home sold in less than one week, at our full asking price!"
"Your installation was perfect."
"We were so pleased to hear you install the blinds that you sell! When we came home from work, everything was complete, and your installation was perfect. Thank you!"