blinds by design privacy policy

Blinds by Design Privacy Policy

Blinds by Design respects everyone's privacy and private information in regard to the internet, and the worldwide web. Blinds by Design only collects information in order to respond to customer requests for information, prospective customer inquiries, and sales data.

Blinds by Design may offer the opportunity for people to sign up for special offers, newsletters, or ongoing information relating to our specializations, services and products, and in that event, will retain customer information for that purpose.

At no time or in any event will Blinds by Design sell, give away, or provide customer information to any third party, unless it is specifically for the purposes of manufacturer warranty or guarranty.

At no time will Blinds by Design retain the information of any person of minor age, should Blinds by Design be informed of that person's age information.

Should any customer or prospective customer no longer wish receive any information from Blinds by Design, Blinds by Design will remove and eliminate any contact information relating to the customer or prospective customer.

On Line Sales Data

Blinds by Design may provide offers to sell product or provide services on line to customers, and prospective customers. This contact information and sales records will be recorded by Blinds by Design for purposes of future followup, and for sales and tax recordkeeping. This information will reside solely with Blinds by Design, and securely with the outside service required to enable on-line transactions to the extent of their processes, and not be sold, provided to, or offered to any third parties.